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Unlimited Projects, Tasks, Storage, and Users.

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Core Applications featured in every plan

  • Tasks

    Jednostavan i intuitivan način kako ostati organiziran. Postavite prioritete, rokove i delegirajte zadatke suradnicima. Izvrsno funkcionira s aplikacijom Ključne točke.

  • Calendar

    Brzo dodaj zadatke, ključne točke i događaje u kalendarski pregled. Vidi sve zadatke, ključne točke i događaje projekta u dnevnom, tjednom i mjesečnom načinu pregleda.

  • Files

    Lagan pristup i pretraživanje datoteka otpremljenih vašim projektima. Otpremite datoteke ili dodajte nove verzije s bilješkama o promjenama.

  • Discussions

    Komunicirajte o idejama s grupom suradnika. Poznat pristup onima koji su koristili forum(e).

  • Milestones

    Radite prema rokovima dodavajući više zadataka s jednim datumom kao zajedničkim ciljem.

  • Time

    Pratite vrijeme na različitim zadacima, zatim ih naplatite s aplikacijom Računi.

  • Passwords

    Umorni od pamćenja i dijeljenja zaporka s prijateljima i suradnicima? Ova aplikacija će vas poštedjeti glavobolje.

Premium Features & Addons

Enterprise Benefits

Features list

Price per User/Month $0 $1.49 $7.49 $16.99
10MB 25MB 100MB 250MB
Support Standard Premium Advanced ⚡ Lightning Fast
Neograničeno Unlimited & Free Unlimited & Free Unlimited & Free
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Tasks Features & Addons

Start date
Recurring Tasks

Calendar Features & Addons

Calendar sharing
Recurring Events

Other Premium Applications

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Naplata aktivnom korisniku

Freedcamp aims to always offer the most affordable and transparent pricing and billing. Our Active User Warning System helps you keep costs down by providing you an accurate count of the active user count over your last billing period. This allows you to lower the number of seats purchased and in turn your next months' bill. Check Billing FAQ to learn more.

We have Read-Only and Guest roles - 'collaborators', which are perfect for clients and those people in your organization who only need to observe work and/or occasionally comment. Users invited as collaborators are not counted as active users and are free on our premium plans making Freedcamp even more affordable and easy to adopt. These permissions are perfect for involving contractors, clients, and teammates from other departments absolutely for free.

Freedcamp za ljude

We are on a mission to help those who may not be able to afford expensive collaboration tools, but still want to stay productive. Freedcamp supports thousands of good cause organizations, teachers, and students across 85 countries.

Are you a student, teacher, or part of a non profit and want to use Freedcamp to collaborate on projects? Eligibility requirements are explained in more detail in the Freedcamp for Nonprofits FAQ and the Freedcamp for Education FAQ.

To be considered for the special pricing options based on your team and company qualifications, please fill out the Freedcamp for Nonprofits application or the Freedcamp for Education application.

World Class Support = Happy Customers!

Karlo K. New South Wales, Australia

Lemme ask you something. I ask you for support quite often (mostly because of my own ignorance). But you guys always come back to me with the answer and the fix. HOW COME BIG COMPANIES LIKE IBM AND MICROSOFT CAN'T DO THAT??????

👍 Thinks Freedcamp offers the smoothest ride in comparison to other project management systems.

Tracy R. Tracy, Kentucky, USA

My team uses Freedcamp. It relies on a robust community of users, reviewers and stakeholders to provide excellent innovation and strong customer service.

🎉 Uses Freedcamp mostly to “keep her complicated life on track.”

Allison G. Allison, Colorado, USA

In terms of Customer Service, Freedcamp is outstanding. They truly want the product to be the best it can be and respond to the customer as a valuable asset to making the product better. I have communicated many times with their Customer Service folks and stand amazed that they care so much about their product and those using it.

🙌 “LITERALLY has never had a piece of software work so flawlessly”

5 / 5 Ocjena zadovoljstva kupaca

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