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people use Freedcamp since 2010

We know secure. 256-bits of it in every interaction you do!

When you use Freedcamp you can feel 110% secure at every moment. We protect our users with the type of security Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies use. We also protect your data and information by never sharing it with anyone and backing it up daily.

Open Source Warranty

In case of ceased operation, Freedcamp will become Open Source. This ensures that you will continue to be able to access your projects.

SSL Encryption

Unlike most other sites on the internet, we provide SSL encryption by default to give you a piece of mind when it comes to your data.

Backed Up

Not only is your data encrypted and fully secure, we also constantly back up our system to the cloud and allow you to download backups of your data as well.

That Freedcamp thing really works. I just finished my wine column. Before deadline. Na, na, na-na-nah! #ProjectComplete tick!

Lily Malone · Writer

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