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Asume el control total de todo aquello de lo que eres responsable

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Managing all your tasks is serious work. If everything isn’t easy to find and set up exactly the way you like it, looking after all the tasks in your projects can be more work than the projects themselves.

That’s why our tasks app is customizable to the way you work and intuitive enough to master in no time.

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Trabaja como mejor te convenga

Guardar tiempo

Deja de perder el tiempo con configuraciones de gestión de tareas ineficientes.

Flujo fácil

You don’t have to work with systems that keep you from getting into a flow state.

Multitarea intuitiva

Para ayudarle a gestionar mejor tus tareas, proyectos y a todos los miembros de tu equipo en un solo lugar.

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checkDiferentes vistas
checkFijar fechas
limpiar flujos de trabajo

Gestión básica de tareas

Everything you need to create clean workflows for your projects. You get everything laid out in a customized view to help you best capture your projects at a glance. Import and export single projects, or whole projects at once with Tasks. You can also push tasks to Google Sheets to share or report.

Establecer fechas de inicio y fin
Establecer la prioridad de cada tarea
Gestionar tareas periódicas
Incluir etiquetas y comentarios
Todas las funciones
Personalizar la vista

Vistas personalizadas para ayudarle a trabajar mejor


The classic view that organizes your tasks into specific lists that help you prioritize work and crush your deadlines.


Kanban boards help you create streamlined workflows with clearly identified tasks for each member of your team. Perfect for finding blockers.


Everything you need organized like a spreadsheet, without having to use a spreadsheet. Quickly see due dates, priorities, and comments.


Show tasks and activities alongside a timeline that shows how long you have to work on them.


Dedicated global board that tells you the status of your projects, who’s doing what, and where you have room to add more.

ver como Gantt

Take full advantage of Gantt

Gantt view lets you set your tasks on a timeline to get a clear view of what needs to be done, when. Timeline view helps you allocate resources across projects or a portfolio of projects.

limpiar flujos de trabajo

Agiliza tu planificación

Stop wasting time organizing all the little details. We make it easy to do management duties like:

Adjusting timeliness

Easily delay or speed up parts of projects (or entire projects) with a few clicks.

Ejecución de acciones masivas

Stop doing one thing at a time and update all the relevant tasks at once.

Desglosar proyectos

Divide los proyectos grandes en hitos asignables y entregables fáciles de gestionar.

Seguimiento preciso del tiempo

Keep track of how long projects take to complete to understand how long certain tasks take. And, you can use that information to create highly accurate estimates for quoting jobs to customers.

Ver el historial de cambios de todas las tareas

Know what changes were made, when they were made, and who made them.

Creando potentes filtros personalizados.

Share custom task views with your team, so they see only the most important information.

Añadiendo campos personalizados a tareas.

Create templates that contain custom fields and apply them to existing (or new) projects.

Usando estados personalizados.

Use project-specific statuses that provide custom updates of a during the entire lifecycle of a project.

Recuperando tareas eliminadas.

Accidentally delete the wrong task? Easily undo deletes to save the task.

Archivar tareas finalizadas.

Don’t let last week’s tasks crowd this week’s view. Archive older projects and task lists after they’ve been wrapped up to clear up your view, without deleting them.

Gestionar tareas dentro de tareas

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“Sometimes, you need to ensure that everything is done in a certain order or smaller tasks pop up during a project.”

  • 1Crea un orden específico para las tareas que se debe realizar
  • 2Manage smaller tasks pop up during a project.
  • 3Get unlimited nesting subtasks to make sure you cover all the details.
  • 4Branching tasks in and out is simple with drag and drop functionality.
  • 5Subtasks have all the same attributes as main tasks, making them easy to scan.

Nos importa la experiencia de nuestros clientes

“Freedcamp provides a super low entry barrier due to great user experience and ease to use. Its customer support is very fast and efficient. Every time I have a suggestion for improvement I speak directly with the decision makers and get instant responses”

“You guys are fantastic! We were jdiscussing the nature of "Customer Service", and how horrendous our experiences usually are. We thank you for being a shining example of how companies should respond to and treat their customers!”

“Freedcamp is a very intuitive project management platform! I use less than half of all features and, yet, I have everything I need. It is easy to add lists and tasks and but also see the big picture. I like that I can add as many people as I want for a project while having full control of what they can see and do.”

“Our Veterans project went really well, we raised over $40,000 for Veterans and again, the government has asked to do this again this year, this time with the twist we will be training up to 40 Veterans on Box Fit followed by a boxing competition during ANZAC week, our Veterans memorial day, which we have a target of $80,000 to raise.

Couldn't do this without Freedcamp! Your continued support for us is truly appreciated.”


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