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    Tasks are a big part of our lives. We have developed the easiest and most intuitive way to let you collaborate on shared plans and goals in every aspect of your life.

    Below are the features that we have made possible in Freedcamp so as to allow our users to make the most out of our Tasks applications: 

    • List, Kanban and Gantt (Business and Enterprise plans) views: Choose the way you want to work with tasks.
    • One click actions: Allow you to quickly complete tasks and move on.
    • Easily manage tasks in List view with drag and drop
    • Recurrence
    • Copy and move tasks and task lists
    • Due dates email notifications: seven, three and one day auto-reminders prior to due dates and two extra reminders for overdue tasks
    • Start dates (Business and Enterprise plans)
    • Subtasks (available on Free and paid plans as Subtasks Pro)
    • Priorities: Set priorities with status.
    • Subscribe people to follow.
    • Attachments and inline images.
    • Logically combine Tasks into lists and archive completed lists easily.
    • Use Widgets, Calendar and Tasks Boards to see your tasks across one or multiple projects.
    • Works great with Milestones application. You can click here to obtain more information on how to link an existing Task with a Milestone.
    • Never miss updates with custom email notifications and Notifications page right inside Freedcamp.
    • Export and import tasks to/from XLS
    • Create new tasks by email with Email In (Lite/Business and Enterprise plans)
    • Build custom reports with Data Deed Links (Lite/Business and Enterprise plans)
    • NEW: Check status of your projects with reports (Business and Enterprise plans)

    Please check our Add-ons for more information.

    How to create Tasks

    By default when you create a project, Tasks application is already installed together with Discussions, Calendar and Files.

    Add a Task

    Click on the drop down menu (1) and select your required project (2):

    While inside a project, you can switch to Tasks application (3) and click (4) to add a new task. You can also use 'Quick Add' (5) to add a new task to any project from anywhere as shown below:

    In List View

    Use A or B to add a task directly to a task list. Hover mouse to access add subtask (C).

    In Kanban View

    Use A or B/C to add a task directly to a task list. Hover mouse to access add subtask (D).

    In Gantt view

    Use A or click task list ... as shown in (B) to add a task. Click ... for a task to add a subtask as shown in (C).

    Inserting the task’s details

    Below screenshot illustrates the details that you will require to fill out when adding your task:

    (A) Click on the drop down menu to select your Task List or add a new Task List

    (B) Start date is only available on Business and Enterprise plans. 

    (C) Click on “Browse Files” from your computer or any external device to upload your file. Use the “drop a file here” option to directly drop your selected file. Attach your file directly from your Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive (should be enabled by project owner and available on all plans except Free plan).

    Task Lists

    You can logically combine Tasks into Lists and archive completed lists easily.

    1 - Task Lists 

    2 - you can collapse and expand your task lists

    In Gantt view 

    Note: You can set percentage of completion on your tasks lists in the same way you can do it for tasks.

    Click (3) to access Task Lists option (4).

    You can also access it from from cog wheel menu (5) and (6).

    View Archived Task Lists and tasks

    On your Tasks page, if you hit on the cog wheel icon, you will see “View Archived Task Lists” page.

    In archived Taks Lists you can unarchive task list (1) or go back to active Task Lists (2).

    Sorting, filtering and search will also work while you are in archived task lists view mode.


    • We only allow to archive task lists, not individual tasks.

    How to switch between List and Sticky Notes (Kanban) Views

    When you sign up and create your very first project, we prompt you to select a preferred way of working with your tasks. You have two default options namely (1) Task list, (2) Sticky Notes and (3) Gantt Chart.


    • Gantt Chart is only available under our Business Plan. You can click here to have more details on our different plans, pricing and features.

    Once your project has been created for example in Task List view and you require to change your Tasks’ preference view, you can easily switch between the Kanban (Sticky Notes) and Gantt views as per prompts.  

    How to switch views in Tasks Kanban

    You can switch between the three types of views in Kanban from very brief to full details.

    How to expand and collapse Kanban columns

    All of the three Kanban columns can be expanded and collapsed by clicking on its header. If you noticed that all of your tasks has become narrow, do not worry you must have accidentally collapsed all three columns. You only need to click on each column’s header again to restore it back to the standard view.

    Edit Tasks

    Freedcamp allows you to edit your task using 2 ways.

    OPTION 1:

    - Select the required task by clicking onto it (1).

    - Hit the "Edit" button (2).

    - Edit and save your changes.

    OPTION 2:

    - Do a mouse over onto the required Task and click on the "Pen" icon (1).

    - Edit and save your changes.

    Recurrent Tasks

    An update is coming soon - please check blog post if you have questions

    Copy/Move tasks and task lists

    An update is coming soon. You can access this functionality for tasks and task lists as shown below:

    Delete tasks

    You can delete your task using 2 ways.

    OPTION 1:

    - Select the required task by clicking onto it (1).

    - Hit the "Delete" button (2).

    OPTION 2:

    - Do a mouse over onto the required Task and click on the "Bin" icon (1).

    - Click on “Yes” (2) to delete your task.

    Change Task Order

    You can easily change your tasks’ order by simply hold and drag them to the order that you require. Please refer to the GIF animated file for more details.

    Sort and Filter

    On your Tasks’ page, you will be able to:

    1. Sort by (1) your Tasks by:

    • Priority
    • Due Date
    • Progress
    • Date Created
    • Date Completed
    • Alphabetical
    • Set Order

    2. Filter by (2) your tasks by:

    • User created
    • User assigned to
    • Priority
    • Progress
    • Start Date
    • Due Date
    • Date Created
    • Date Completed

    Saved searches in Tasks application

    Saved Searches in Tasks is a great example of how functionality from our paid applications is taken and applied to our free applications. This time we have reused functionality of Freedcamp’s Issue Tracker in Tasks.

    You can have now multiple saved searches one click away for ‘hide completed’, ‘my tasks’ or any other kind of search you often filter by. You can also share you saved searches with your team by making it ‘public’ – meaning visible to everyone who can see project’s tasks. If you create a filter ‘My Tasks’ and make it ‘public’ it will be working correctly for your team as ‘My’ will be substituted for a person using it, finding their tasks.

    We created one saved filter ‘Hide completed’ which replaces an option we had in our interface for you.

    Coming Soon 

    • Assigning tasks to multiple team members or teams. Please upvote here.
    • Copy and move tasks and task lists in the same or another projects. Please upvote here
    • Start date will be added to Lite Plan. Please upvote here.
    • Time and tasks integration. Please upvote here.
    • Add mote statuses for Tasks. Please upvote here.
    • Reports (completed and part of Freedcamp Business and Enterprise plans)