Freedcamp at work – the best way to start

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    This page explains how to avoid common mistakes after Freedcamp was evaluated and decided to be deployed in your work environment.

    We do not restrict users to one workflow where only one person can create projects. Please check this video to learn about relationships between user accounts, project ownership, and subscriptions.

    With this in mind, we have extra controls for Enterprise plan users who enable the White Label extension. They can restrict invited users (staff, clients) from creating projects in their own accounts while using branded URL Freedcamp.

    Delegating with Group Administrators

    Group Administrators are a great way to delegate administrative rights to manage your account with your trusted team members.

    Projects can only be created by the subscription owner and group administrators.

    Some common situations where issues arise when users use their own accounts to create new projects:

    1. An employee is fired or quits when they delete their Freedcamp account all projects created in that account disappear.

    2. If you upgrade your account you will notice that any projects in groups you do not own have the new features you pay for.

    3. You can’t re-organize some projects because they belong to groups created by other employees.

    What can you do?

    To prevent any of these situations we suggest:

    1. Create an account and invite your team to test drive Freedcamp. Talk to us and ask us any questions you may have about the system.

    2. Decide who will be managing the team's projects. Make sure this account is used to upgrade and the team is not creating groups and projects in those groups in their own accounts. More details on how to manage your team are here.

    3. Use this main account to create groups and make sure to assign Group Administrators who can then create projects within these groups. Ask group admins to ask the owner to create new groups when needed. Ask the team to request group admins and the owner to create new projects. Users other than the owner to not create new groups. All users except the owner and group administrators should not create new projects, as they will be doing it in their own accounts.

    Your team members can be advised that they can have their own projects in personal accounts as long as they are personal work or not work-related projects and there is a clear understanding that their personal account subscription/plan will apply to those.  Moving these personal groups to a company account will require contacting the Freedcamp customer support team.

    Transfer of Projects

    To transfer projects to another project group, please see the article below.

    Moving a Project to Another Project Group