How to invite users and manage your team

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    This article explains how to add users to your projects as well as manage their roles and permissions.

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    How to access the Invite People page

    Adding a user to your projects is a simple process in Freedcamp and we have ensured that you can execute this process through several pages in Freedcamp. Firstly, let us see how you can access those pages whereby you can add a user to your project:

    1. Dashboard

    2. Manage apps and teams

    You have two options to access your ‘Manage apps and teams’ page:

         a) Manage Teams on your Dashboard

         b) Manage Projects


    • Once you are on your Manage Projects page (2), you need to select your desired project and click on its respective ‘manage apps and teams’ tab (3).

    On your ‘Manage apps and teams’ page, you can either click on prompt (1) or (2) to add user to your project.

    3. Project’s Tasks Page

    Freedcamp also allows you to invite people to your projects through your Project’s Tasks Page as depicted in below screenshot.

    You will need to click onto the dropdown list (1), choose your required project (2) and hit on the hyperlink ‘+ Invite More People’ (3).

    Invite People

    Since we have already described how you can access the pages where you can add a user, this section will detail the steps of inviting a user to your project.

    The below GIF animated file illustrates the steps of adding a user to a project:


    • Once you have entered your user’s email ID and name, you need to click on the ‘Add’ button.
    • As an important step to complete this process, you need to click on the ‘Done’ button to send the invite and officially add the user to your project.

    Remove a user

    The steps are shown in the GIF animated file as per below:

    Resend an invite

    If you have already sent the invite and the status still appears to be pending as per below:

    You can resend the invite. Below GIF animated file outlines the steps for doing so:

    Already invited Team Members

    In case where you require to invite team members who are already invited to your previous projects, the team members will not need to accept any invitation and will be automatically added to the project. They will receive an email from Freedcamp informing them that they have been added to the specific project with an option to leave project as shown below:

    Google Contacts

    To make looking-up emails simpler, you can sync your Gmail contacts by clicking on the Connect to Google Contacts (1) and finally you can include a custom message (2) to be attached with each invitation e-mail sent out.


    Freedcamp by default provides you with 4 teams namely (i) Contributor, (ii) Observer, (iii) Organiser and (iv) Team Player.

    You can invite people and assign them to the different security profiles available (1). The security profiles define what permissions you have been granted and the 'Legend' link (2) outlines same in details. In addition, the icon next to a team (3) indicates what type of security profile each team has.


    • There is no individual permissions.
    • Each user can only be part of one team.

    When you are sending your invite, Freedcamp allows you to view more about the permissions (1) as per below:

    View your Active Users

    You can view your number of active users in your Freedcamp account by accessing your subscription history page here. By clicking on Invoices and History (1), you will find all users that you have invited to your projects and those for which you are paying for.

    On this page, you can also remove a user from all projects (2) by clicking on the "delete" icon. Additionally, you will be able to have information whether a user is an active user for the billing period or not if the the $ symbol appears (3).

    You can have more details on Active Users here.