How to invite users and manage your team

Table of Contents

    This article will explain how to add users to your project as well as manage their roles/permissions.

    Add A User:

    To add a user to your project click on the 'manage projects' link in the upper right corner of the app.

    On this page you'll see a list of your project(s). Click on the 'manage users' button..

    Then click on 'Invite More Users'. 

    You will be prompted to enter the users email address. NOTE: You must click the green plus sign before proceeding to the next page. Clicking the green plus sign will allow you to assign a role and first/last name to the user. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EDIT THE FIRST/LAST NAME AFTER THIS POINT SO SPELLING IS CRUCIAL.

    Clicking 'Next' sends an invitation email and officially adds the user to your project.

    Check Status / Resend Invitation:

    To see the status of your invitation (pending or accepted) or to resend the invitation email, click on 'Manage Invitations' under the 'Manage Users' page.

    Manage Roles (Permissions):

    There are three different roles that can be assigned within Freedcamp - Admin, User, and Client. By default, all newly added users are assigned the User role. 

    The difference between each role is their access to each Application. For example, the Admin role has access to every Application meaning he/she can view and edit To-dos, Time, Files, etc. The Client role by default has zero access to any Application meaning you'll need to grant them access before they can view or edit To-dos, Time, Files, etc.

    All of this can be adjusted by clicking 'Role Permissions' on the 'Manage Users' page.