Brand Freedcamp with White Label

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    White Label is part of the Enterprise Plan. To trial it or learn more about pricing please email to

    To enable White Label please go to My Account page (1) and select White Label (2)

    Note that all users in your project groups will also have access to projects via the new White Label link (URL).

    Site Name

    When selecting Site Name please take into consideration places it will be used. Try to keep it short.

    Site Name will be:

    - used on Login and Sign Up pages of your site

    - added to invites you will send

    - included into email notifications headers for all of your projects

    Your logo will be shown on the bottom of the left side menu panel inside projects:

    Your own domain hosting

    We also provide the ability to run Freedcamp on your own domain (URL).

    Please note that you can not set it on your root domain because a domain's root can not be set as CNAME record in DNS. If you own a domain you can not set Freedcamp on but can on, or, for example.

    For example, you want to run Freedcamp on

    1. Tell us what domain you want to use

    2. We will use (1) to generate a DNS record and ask you to add it to approve SSL (https) certificate.

    3. When all is set by us, we will ask you to add the last CNAME DNS record pointing to something like (this one just an example).

    4. Go to White Label setting page in Freedcamp and set your domain as shown below:

    5. Now we will add your domain to be approved by Google so Google Drive and Google Calendar will also work with your domain. This will take a few days as it needs to be approved manually by Google. During this time Google Drive and Google Calendar (GSync) integrations may show an error until approved. 

    Please talk to if you have any questions.

    We would like to hear from you what are important points and what needs to be added - see the next section.

    Override the Support Widget

    The "Get Support" icon can be linked to an URL of your choosing. If you'd like to keep our support widget and simply have the help form message be sent to your email, contact

    If the "Override 'Get Support' widget" input is left empty, our standard widget will be used requests will be sent to our help@ or enterprise@ mailbox.

    Override the 'Tutorials and Support' option in the menu

    You can have the "Tutorials & Support" option in the user menu redirect to another page.

    At this moment, this option is shown to all users can not be removed. In the future, we will add the option to hide it for White Label users.

    If the "Override 'Tutorials and Support" input is left empty, it will link to Freedcamp's help page.

    Release Notes

    • Any user invited by you may still log in at
    • Any user who is invited to any project owned by you can log in via
    • Anyone who is invited by you will be directed to and be able to sign up.
    • Sign up, log in, Reset Password pages have White Label styling.
    • Social networks sign up and login options are removed on White Label sites 

    Summary for the above - You can use, but you can use the White Label site only if you are invited to projects owned by you (person who enabled White Label feature in Freedcamp).

    • You or any other user invited by you can switch from to to see all projects. Inside White Label users can see only projects owned by you. If users have their own projects they can use this to see both your and other projects (ones they own or were invited to by someone else).
    • If a user is inside only your projects will be shown. This is true for all global boards as well (Dashboard, Tasks and Calendar Boards and Widgets).

    Summary for the above - shows all projects user has access to ignoring White Label. Inside White Label users can see only projects you own.

    If a user is using and opens any project belonging to the White Label account - the user will be redirected to For example, an attempt to open,, will be redirected to

    Any email notification for items that belong to the White Label site is sent using your site title and URL. For example, if you start progress on a task by clicking an icon on Global Tasks Board, while on, an email notification with  "" will be sent to this task subscribers.

    Summary for the above - each item under the ownership of the White Label domain is opened using All emails for these items always respect your White Label site title and uses links to it rather than

    Finally - new users invited to your site can not create own projects and should never end up on (where they can do it). This should eliminate a problem when invited users start creating own projects and inviting you back. As you know, we can provide help in identifying all projects owned by your team members and consolidating them under your new White Label enabled account.

    In White Label enabled account only account owner and designated by owner project group administrators can add new projects. With such an approach you can be sure that invited users are not adding personal projects intentionally or not.


    For feedback – please email or upvote/post ob our UserVoice site.

    It does not matter what channel you select – your feedback will be treated with our greatest attention.