How To: Create A Project

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    You can create a new project from the Homepage(1), the Projects Dashboard(2), the Widgets Board(3), or the Manage System page(4).

    On the Business and Enterprise plans, you can use our Project Templates feature to create new projects from existing ones.

    note: If you were invited to the projects of another user, you will get a warning message when creating projects in your own account. This is particularly important if you're invited to someone's premium plan, because a plan only applies to projects in the project groups of the subscriber. You should ask the subscriber to add you as project group administrator in their project groups.

    Project Details

    The project creation form allows you to set your project's name, description, color, custom field templates and project group(1).

    note: using the (+) icon in the project group section means you are creating a new project group in your personal account. A subscription only applies to the project groups of the subscriber, so if you were invited to the projects of someone with a subscription, your project groups will not be covered by it. If you want your projects to have premium features, ask the subscriber to add you as a project group administrator.

    You can also choose your Tasks page's view mode(2): List and Kanban views are available on all plans, while Gantt view is available on the Business and Enterprise plans. This setting will only apply to your account, not all project members.

    Inviting Users

    Invite users by typing their email and name (optional) and clicking the 'Add' button (1). To get suggestions from your contacts when typing, connect to your Google account (2). If you need to invite multiple people at once, you can use (3) and paste a comma-separated list of emails.

    There's also the option to invite people from other projects who already accepted your invite at least once (4), add a personal message to the invitation email (5), and invite Global Teams (6) to the project.

    Review all the people you invited by assigning them to correct project teams (7) and finally, click 'Next' to save your changes (8).

    Project Applications

    New projects come with the default applications enabled: Tasks, Discussions, Calendar and Files. To customize your new project's applications, click the Install More Apps link. You can also do this at a later date from the Add-ons page.

    The available project applications are: Issue Tracker, Wiki, Milestones, Calendar, Discussions, Tasks, Time Tracking, Files and Overview.

    Managing Projects

    Projects can be managed from the Projects Dashboard and the Manage System page.

    For more details on managing your project's users and applications, please see the following articles:

    Group/Project/User applications and modules

    How to invite users and manage your team