How To: Create A Project

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    You can create a new project from DashboardWidgets Board 

    or from the Manage Projects page.

    It is important to understand that when you use (+) icon (1) you are creating a new project group in your personal account. If you were invited to a team it is always better to ask account owner to add you as a project group administrator so you can add projects in the team account rather than your own. 

    You can participate in team projects and also have your own projects by creating your own project group and adding personal projects to it.

    Tasks view (2) can be selected here and this setting will only apply to your account. It is very easy to switch to any view including Gantt (part of Enterprise plan in Freedcamp).

    Next step is to invite people to your new project:

    Use (4) to invite people from other projects who already accepted your invite at least once.

    New users can be invited by typing their email and name (optional) and clicking 'Add' button (1).

    You can connect to your Google account and we will suggest emails from your contact list when you start typing an email (2).

    Use (3) to paste a comma separated list of emails (part of the Business plan).

    Add your personal message (5) which will be included in the invitation email.

    Now review all the people invited by assigning them to correct project teams (6) each associated with one of 4 security profiles.

    Finally click 'Next' to save your changes (7).

    Project will be created with default applications for now. Default applications are Tasks, Discussions, Calendar and Files. You can customize your project now by following this link

    Use 'Install' and 'Uninstall' buttons to add and remove applications.

    Freedcamp is a platform which allows you to manage your projects. Projects can contain one or more applications. 

    In Freedcamp, you can fully customize your project to have only applications you need. Below is a list of project applications:

    • Issue Tracker
    • Wiki
    • Milestones
    • Calendar
    • Discussions
    • Tasks
    • Time Tracking
    • Files

    You can further extend your projects with global modules that will be enabled in all of your projects, namely:

    • GDrive integration
    • Project Templates
    • Online FileEdit
    • Subtasks Pro

    Please check our Add-ons to read more.

    Files application is installed by default and cannot be removed since it not only allows to upload files to a project but it is also a reference of all files attached to your tasks, issues, discussions and wikis.

    By default - Tasks, Discussions, Calendar and Files are installed. When you create a project, you can select any applications that you require and same is possible later on when the project is already been created and running. There are multiple ways to do so and we will show them to you throughout this article.

    You can manage your projects after creation from the Dashboard:

    Click cog wheel icon (1).

    To manage project users or invite new people use 'People' (2).

    To edit project name, change project group or a project description use 'Edit' (3).

    To complete project and make it invisible for all users use (4). You can still access and view this project from Manage Projects page. 

    To customize project applications just like we did during project creation use (5). For the advanced interface to manage users in a project use (6).

    To delete your project completely use (7). Note - there is no 'Trash Bin' concept in Freedcamp yet. This action is final so we give you extra warning here.

    Here is the relationship between Dashboard menu and Manage Projects page.

    If you are on Business and Enterprise plan in Freedcamp - you can use Project Templates to create a a project. You will have an extra option to start this process as shown below:

    Please check Project Templates documentation to see how it can save your time.