Notifications page

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    Notifications page is a source of your updates across all of your Freedcamp's projects.

    By default, we show unread updates for things you are subscribed to for all of your projects. If you applied filters (1) we will show you results for the last filter selection. If you do not see updates - reset filters back to default (2). Note - with filters applied you will still see all unread notifications count in a red balloon on the top right of the page.


    (1) A filter allowing you to select project groups and projects

    (2) A filter allowing you to select project applications

    (3) Switch between read/unread updates

    (4) Actions to bulk 'mark as read' 

    (5) All notifications are split into sections by importance 

    (6) You can collapse and expand these sections 

    You can also access Daily Recap page in the top right corner of notifications page

    "Items response received or awaiting" is a section where you will find updates when:

    - 'response received' - meaning someone posted a comment in response to your comment and you haven't checked that response

    - 'response awaiting' - you posted a comment, but you have unread notifications you may have missed anyway

    (1) Click the title or 'Expand Details' to expand items

    (2) Click the title or 'Hide Details' to collapse items

    (3) If there are new comments you can open and check them directly on Notifications page. We are working also on the ability to reply directly from the Notifications page as well.

    (4) Updates with no comments will show all you need to know inline and can be marked as read without expanding (5) to save your time.

    (6) you can open items with updates in a new browser tab

    Disable Emails

    If you preferer to catch up with your Freedcamp updates via the Notifications page, please see this page for instructions on how to disable emails in Freedcamp.