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    Start and End date reminders

    Reminders for tasks, calendar events, milestones, issues, and CRM tasks/calls are delivered via Recap email.  You can manage it on the Notifications page. By default, it is set 'daily'. All overdue items will be added to your recap and sent until fixed in 'Require Immediate Attention' section. Upcoming items are split into today, tomorrow and the next 5 calendar days Upcoming section.

    Please note - if you will set Recap 'weekly' you may miss some reminders for tasks assigned to you. For example, if a task was created on Tuesday with a start/end date Thursday/Friday the same week.

    Please see Recap email example below (click to zoom in):

    (1) - date period covered

    (2) - all immediate attention items (won't be shown if none)

    (3) - different types of items are highlighted with a Freedcamp application icon

    (4) - we also include important unread Notifications 

    Freedcamp Updates

    Email notifications are fully customizable in each project that you've created or joined. There are four types of notification settings which are available namely; (1) Full, (2) Default, (3) Minimal and (4) None.

    'Full' will send notifications on all newly added content. 'Default' will send notifications when you havespecifically assigned a task, milestone, etc. or if new content is added to something that you have subscribed to. 'Minimal' is very similar to 'Default' with the exception of, if you will add a comment to an item you are not following, Freedcamp will not auto-subscribe you to it. 'None' - no emails will be sent.

    Even with email notifications fully disabled, you can still follow all the updates in Freedcamp with Notifications page (learn more)

    You can also use your email client to further fine tune email notifications. For example, you can allow only new comments to reach your main Inbox and stash all other updates in a separate folder. Check here for more details. 

    Responding to Freedcamp Updates

    We allow you to post new comments by replying to Freedcamp’s email notifications. Simply hit 'Reply' button and type your message above "===== Reply Above =====" line (1).

    Remove all text your email client adds to reply email automatically such as time stamps and email signatures, if you do not want them to be posted in Freedcamp (2).

    We do not only parse attachments in your replies, but we also parse all inline images, upload them to Freedcamp and add inline to your comment.

    Below you can see a reply containing one file attached and one inline image copy/pasted to my message in GMail:

    Now you can see how it was parsed and posted to Freedcamp via email. You have your inline image in place and shown as an attachment (1). Your RAR file is also attached (2).

    You can also see that all my links in the email were conveniently converted making them easy to follow from Freedcamp (3).


    To change the email notifications settings, navigate to "My Account" (1) and click on the "Notifications Settings" tab (2).

    You can also access from here:

    (3) Daily digest - daily email outlining absolutely all the updates in your projects made a day before (switched off by default)

    (4) Recap email (switched on and set 'daily' by default). Please note that all reminders on deadlines are delivered to you via this email.

    (5) Subscribe and unsubscribe from emails Freedcamp team sends. 

    (6) Set notification levels described in section (7) as well as default notification level you want for any new projects where you will be invited to in the future.

    You can also forward a shortened version of your email notifications as SMS to your phone for supported carriers. You can request your carrier to be added if it suports email to SMS gateway. Please email email format yur carrier uses and a name of the carrier and we will add it promtly.

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