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    Sharing documents and files is an essential part of collaboration and teamwork. This is why the Files application is added to every project in Freedcamp. It is a single place where you can access all the files in your project.

    Files uploaded directly in the Files application and attached to your tasks, discussions, and comments are all shown here to make it effortless to find and download.

    Features included: 

    • Attach with drag and drop
    • Folders
    • Upload multiple files (folders upload support in Chrome browser)
    • File versions
    • Comment on files
    • Follow file changes and comments
    • Bulk actions
    • Thumbnails and list views
    • Find a file and easily jump to a place where it was attached - task, discussion, issue or a wiki
    • Attach Google Drive documents with Google Drive module (installed/enabled separately, if needed)


    We updated the Files application to take your productivity to new heights!

    Adding/Removing the Files add-on

    By default when you create a project, the Files add-on is already installed together with Tasks, Calendar, and Discussions. If you'd like to remove this add-on or manage which users have access to it, please see this documentation article.

    How to use

    You can access Files in your project in various ways.

    - Use project selector (1), hover project name (2), and select 'Files' (3).

    - Click Files in the project's card on your Dashboard (1). 

    - Once you selected your project (1), click on the 'Files' tab (2).

    Uploading a File

    To upload a file for your required project, follow prompt (1), choose the files that you want to upload, notify the users that you want to (2) and hit the Save button (3).


    • By default all your files will be stored in the Files Folder, you can either choose to create another folder (4) or leave them in the Files folder.
    • Freedcamp allows you to upload all file types.

    File Upload Size Limit

    Based on the plans (free or paid plan) that you are subscribed to, there is a different File Size Upload Limit. Please click here to see our new pricing plans and the different File Size upload that we offer for each of the plans.

    Independent of the plan that you are subscribed to and with the release of our new pricing plans, your account is upgraded to unlimited storage.

    Creating a New Version

    If you have modified a particular file on your desktop, you can upload and save it as a new version on Freedcamp. It will be an advantage for you to have all the previous versions stored in one place and can be downloaded at any time.

    To add a new version of a file, simply click on the file name (1).

    Select your required file (2), you can also add a comment followed by prompt (3).


    • Your current files which will be displayed will be all your latest versions of same created (4).

    Downloading a File

    Execute prompt (1) to start a download of your required file.

    Download attachments or folders as a ZIP file

    We are happy to introduce this exciting feature that is bound to save you a bunch of time. You can download all the files within a folder in the Files application.

    If you are downloading a zipped folder that has sub-folders – all the structures will be added to a ZIP file.

    You can also download comments, tasks, issues, and discussions attachments with one click now.

    Please note this feature is currently enabled if the total size of all files you want to download does not exceed 25MB combined on the Free plan and 50MB on premium plans.

    Deleting a File

    To delete a file, simply follow steps (1) and (2). Alternatively, you can also click on the checkbox next to the file (3) and click on “delete” (4).


    • This action will delete the current and all previous versions of that particular file.

    Restoring deleted files

    Check this page to learn how to restore deleted files and tasks.

    Subfolders, advanced search & more

    Files application features also include:

    • Unlimited subfolders
    • Upload folders with files in Chrome
    • Delete file versions
    • Move files around and more.

    Right-click on the GIF animation files to view or open them in a new tab in full size. 

    We have added subfolders support in the Files application as a free feature available to all. No excuse now to keep your files disorganized!

    New filters and sorting options are added to make it super easy to find files. For easier access, you can also save your search as illustrated in below animated GIF file.

    You can also jump from any subfolder to any other subfolder with just a few clicks, see how many files in a folder without opening it. 

    Filter & search, select and move your file around.

    Now you can drag & drop folders to upload files. If you use Chrome browser you can upload folder with subfolders and files and we will recreate all the subfolders in Freedcamp for you. If you are using other browsers – well switch to Chrome as otherwise folders will not be recreated – we will only upload all files to a current folder in Freedcamp. 

    Please Note - empty folders when uploading folders in Chrome will not be created. Only folders will files will be parsed and created in Freedcamp.

    Easier file previews and thumbnails view in Files application 

    Now you can quickly find your images by hovering your mouse over file name in Files application (1). 

    To find and compare file versions – do the same inside a file view page. 

    Navigate quickly inside Files application by switching to thumbnails view.

    Finding the context of your file 

    In the File section of your project (Files application), you can easily find where your files have been uploaded to. For example, illustrated in a list view - here the specified files are found in (1) Files Application and (2) Tasks.

    Below is the same, in thumbnail view:

    Click application icon in Files list view or application name in thumbnail view to open an item a file was attached to.

    Files directly uploaded in Files application have no context and marked with folder icon (Files application icon) or show 'in Files' in thumbnail view.

    Google Drive integration

    We also offer Google Drive integration which is available in our Add-ons.

    Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service, which enables cloud storage, file sharing, collaborative editing and keeps track of all your changes with revision history.

    Backup your data

    We are offering a way to back your data offline. We hope that it gives our users a feeling of security, but also a way to access your data in different ways. For example, you can always restore your data if somebody accidentally deleted an important project, task or discussion.

    Since we have recently changed our pricing, the data backup feature has been integrated with our newly paid plans namely:  

    • Business Plan: Weekly data backups and above. Business Plan users can disable backups.
    • Enterprise Plan: Daily compliance backups of all data Enterprise Plan user can select between daily, weekly, monthly and disable their backups.

    So if you are using either of the plan, please follow below instructions to schedule and/or download your backups.

    More information about our Backups Module can be found here and in our Add-ons.

    Information for project administrators

    Unlike other project applications, Files can not be removed. It is a single place where you can access all the files in your project or upload files directly to it.

    Since every project member can see the Files application, permissions work a bit differently. Please watch the video below for a detailed explanation.