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    Tags help you organize and find items, and provide a quick way to tell your team what an item is about. They are available on all Freedcamp plans, including the Free one.

    You can add tags to Tasks, Milestones, Issues, Events, Time Tracking records, Wikis, Discussions, Files and even comments. An item can have multiple tags assigned to it. Tags are be displayed on the item's page, and for tasks they can be shown directly in the task list.


    Every project member can create tags(this can be limited on the Business and Enterprise plans).

    The Owner

    The owner can delete and edit tags from My Account > Tags.

    Auto-suggest will query all tags from project and project group applications when typed.

    Other project members

    They can untag items but not delete or edit existing tags. Auto-suggest will only show tags from projects the user has access to.

    For example:

    John is invited to projects X and Y as well as the CRM in project group G1 owned by Susan, and projects Z and Q owned by Michael.

    When John add tags in project X, Freedcamp will auto-suggest tags from project X, Y and the CRM, but NOT tags from projects Z and Q.

    When John adds tags in project Z, Freedcamp will auto-suggest tags from project Z and Q, but NOT tags from projects X and Y.

    Adding and Removing Tags

    New Items

    When creating an item, you can tag it by using the tag icon next to the title field:

    Once the tag field appears, you can click it to see all available tags. You can choose tags from the list by clicking them, or using the keyboard arrows + enter. Typing in the tag field will show you available tags that match the text, or the option to create a new tag with that name.

    Existing Items

    To add a tag to an existing item, you can edit the item, or open the item's page and click the Manage Tags button under its description.

    For tasks, you can also add tags directly from the task list by hovering over the task and clicking the Tag button to its left.

    For items without a dedicated view item page like Time records, you have to edit the item to add/remove tags.


    Comments can be tagged, but only after they are saved. Use the Tag icon next to the comment to add tags to it.

    Tags will appear below a comment. To add more tags - use 'Tag' icon or hover your mouse over existing tags to activate tags interface.

    Removing Tags

    To remove a tag, you can edit the item, or open its page, click on Manage Tags, then the x icon next to the tags you want to remove.

    Managing Tags

    In My Account -> Tags page tags are separated into two sections: My Projects(where tags can be edited or deleted) and Projects I am invited to(tags used in projects owned by other users). This means that tags can be edited (renamed) or deleted only by a project owner.


    My Account > Tags will show a list of tags you and your team have used, as well as the number of items belonging to each tag. Select one or multiple tags by clicking on them, then click the button Search By Selected Tags.

    For a single tag, this can also be achieved outside My Account > Tags. For example, if you're on an item's page, you can press CRTL(or Command) and click on an applied tag to search all items tagged with it(the search will open in a new tab).

    You can also filter by multiple tags inside applications (Tasks, Discussions etc.) as well as on Calendar and Tasks Boards and save your filters which can include one or multiple tags. More info on filters here.

    Edit a tag

    To edit a tag, select it and click the edit icon that will appear in its top-right corner. Make changes to its name, then click save.

    Delete tags

    If you want to delete multiple tags at once, select each one of them then click the Delete Selected Tags button. Note: you can only delete tags in projects you own and if you also selected tags used in projects owned by other users the option to delete tags will be disabled.

    Advanced Tag Management (Business and Enterprise plans)

    Pre-create tags for your team

    Account owners can create new tags under My Account Tags for their teams to use those tags on our Business and Enterprise plans.

    Restrict tag creation

    Enterprise plan users can restrict their team to use only pre-created tags that effectively allow to centrally manage your taxonomies, avoid duplicates and tag overcrowding problems.

    Using Tags vs. Custom Fields

    Tags and Custom Fields (available on Business/Enterprise plans) allow you to categorize and filter information in Freedcamp. In general, custom fields are best for extending tasks attributes for data collection, while tags are more informal. Depending on your workflow, you might find that your team uses them in different ways, but here some scenarios to help you decide:

    Use custom fields if you:

    • Want to add certain extra fields to tasks in a project
    • Have standard information you need to track on tasks across projects (Order Date - type 'date' & mandatory, Shipped - type 'checkbox', Special Notes - type 'text box')
    • Want to make sure your team fill out certain information for each task in a project
    • Need to filter or search by specific data fields - types 'date', 'checkbox' and 'drop-down list' are supported

    Use tags if you:

    • Do not want data collection but categorization
    • Want an easy way to pull items across projects tagged similarly
    • Want to give your team a flexible vs. mandatory option to classify data