Issue Tracker

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    Issue Tracker provides a clear and centralized overview for requests and their current state. It can be used by engineering, property maintenance, customer feedback collection and support. 

    Once an issue has been discovered, you can submit it within the application or your clients, if embedded, on the form within your own website.

    Keep track of issues through their entire lifecycle using this handy application!


    • Embeddable Issue Tracker directly on your website.
    • List view with different modes – compact, standard and detailed. (demo)
    • Easily switch between issues when viewing an issue. (demo)
    • Ability to save and share filters in your team with public saved searches. (demo)
    • Common sense pre-created filters.
    • Auto-generated issue numbers with unique prefix per project you can define.
    • Batch actions: quickly perform multiple actions on similar issues (demo)
    • Dashboard Widgets to give you a quick glimpse of what's happening fast
    • Ability to email an issue reporter and keep them informed about status of issue or get more information from them
    • Advanced work flow with required closer to finalize an issue

    How to install

    • Click on 'INSTALL'

    • Follow the instructions on the next screen

    Password Manager is a project application. We will explain this concept below. You will see all your project groups (1) and have an option to select all projects or just some (2), select users who will be able to access Password Manager (3). You always have access to it so your name is not listed. We will show you how to manage users and add Issue Tracker application to other projects, after you subscribed and installed it, below. You can also uncheck all and add application to your projects later on. Once all done - click button below (4).

    Project applications explained

    We have three types of applications in Freedcamp - project group (or just 'group') applications, projects applications and personal applications. Issue Tracker is a project application. Below we compare Password Manager - group application and Issue Tracker - project application to show the difference. 

    You can individually select who can access this application from users having access to a project. 

    How to install Issue Tracker to a new or existing project

    There are two ways. One of them is to repeat steps from 'How to install' section above. Just be careful and do not uncheck projects where Issue Tracker already installed (as it will be uninstalled from them in this case). Just check new project(s) and users.

    Second way:

    • Go to 'Manage projects' page
    • Click 'Manage Project Applications' button (1) for a project you want to install Issue Tracker to.
    • On the lightbox click on the install button (2)

    • Check the user's roles that you want to be able to access the application
    • Click Save

    How to access Issue Tracker

    You can access Issue Tracker from the main menu (1) or tab menu (2) when you are in project view.

    You can also create access Issue Tracker from Dashboard using Projects widget and two types of Widgets we created:

    Who can do what (permissions)

    • Anyone* can add an issue.
    • Only project owner, administrator or issue creator can edit an issue.
    • At the same time, only issue closer can set status “Completed”. If an issue closer is unassigned, project owner, administrator or issue creator can set status to “Completed”.
    • Any user can use “Assign to me”.
    • Anyone can comment.

    * – anyone who have access to Issue Tracker application.

    Embed Issue Tracker into your website

    You can also embed Bug Tracker into your website.

    This will bring up a light box showing Issue Tracker's HTML code and directions on how to embed it onto your website. Same drop down menu(1) allows to change issues prefix. By default, it is created from first 3 letters of a project name. 

    Below you can see how Issue Tracker embedded form will look like. It does not contain any of Freedcamp's branding.


    How to uninstall Issue Tracker from a project

    Go To Manage projects page (1), click 'manage project applications' button (2) for a project where you want to uninstall and click 'uninstall' (3).

    How to unsubscribe from Issue Tracker

    This will completely remove your Issue Tracker subscription and uninstall Issue Tracker from all projects it is installed. Go to Marketplace page and click 'Manage Subscriptions'. Click 'Cancel Subscription'.