Files application

Table of Contents

    To access files go to the desired project and click on the Files tab.

    Uploading a File

    To upload a file click on the green Upload File button.

    This will bring up a box prompting you to select a file to upload. After clicking on open the file will upload. The progress will be shown on the right hand side. When the file is finished uploading the page will refresh. The file will now be displayed on the main screen.

    All files types can be uploaded.

    Note that there is a file size limit. This is 10% of the total storage that you posses up to 100 MB. A table is provided below:

    Total Storage File Size Limit
    200MB 10MB
    1GB 100MB
    5GB 100MB
    10GB 100MB
    15GB 100MB

    Note that the file size is capped at 100MB because it is very unsafe and non-optimal to upload files larger than 100MBĀ over the internet.

    Creating a New Version

    If you modify a file on your desktop you can save it as a new version. The advantage of this is that previous versions are still stored and can be download.

    To add a new version click on the link under version for the file you want to replace. From here a lightbox will a appear displaying previous versions. Click on add version and a box prompting you to choose a file will appear. After choosing your file the file will upload.

    Note that if the file that you choose has a different name that name will replace the name of the current file displayed.

    Note that when adding a new version it will take up more storage.

    Downloading a File

    If you want to download a file click on name of the file that you want. This will automatically start a download. If you want to download a previous version of the file click on the link under version. This will bring up a lightbox allowing you to choose previous versions of that file.

    Note that if the file is a picture it will open a new window displaying the picture. If you want to download this you can right click on the image and clicking Save image as.

    Deleting a File

    To delete a file click on the x the right of the file. This will delete the current and all previous versions of that file.


    You can check the amount of storage that you have left by looking at the right hand side under File usage. If you decide that you need more storage space you can upgrade by clicking on the upgrade storage in the upper right hand corner.

    Google Drive integration

    We also offer Google Drive integration.

    Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service, which enables cloud storage, file sharing, collaborative editing and keeps track of all your changes with revision history.