Overview (Project Overview)

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    Project Overview is a project application available on our Enterprise plan. The idea behind this application is to bring together all the vital information for project managers and the team to be available and always at hand.

    Features include:

    • Project Overview, Recap, People, and Report
    • Project Managers
    • Project Status Updates
    • Project Start and End dates
    • Access project's Recap with all overdue deadlines and today's overview of tings in progress sue to start or complete
    • See all users in a project and their contact details - a great option for new project's participants to familiarize with the team, especially in a cross-team, cross-organization projects
    • Start new tasks and discussions by selecting people inside People view or just send an email to selected project team members
    • Enjoy all the extra benefits our Enterprise Plan offers

    Please post your feedback to this thread on the UserVoice portal.

    Adding/Removing the Overview Application

    Please see this documentation article for a guide on installing/removing add-ons and managing user access.


    The Details tab shows the project's owner and description, as well as:

    (1) Project Managers can be viewed and set here. They will get all the important project updates to stay on top of project deadlines.  This is a new concept we will use more in the future.

    (2) Project start and end dates. After you set them, you'll be able to see the duration of the project in both calendar days and working days, as well as how many calendar and working days are left until the deadline. We also show you the project's completion status based on the number of completed tasks.

    (3) Project Custom Fields. After creating a project custom fields template and adding it to a project, its values can be set and edited here.

    (4) Status Updates - project managers can post project status updates and add tags. Tags set on the latest status update are considered as a project status. Expand to see previous status updates.

    Project Managers and Start and End dates for a project can be changed by a project owner, project group administrators and project administrators. Project Status updates can be edited by any user having access to the Project Overview application unless a user's profile is read-only.

    The latest project status update will be shown on the Projects Board:


    Project Recap is created using the same rules your personal recap page but covers only overdue tasks (1) and things are worked on or planned to be completed or started today (2) for everyone involved in this project.


    People tab is a great way to introduce a new person to a project or access contact information. This tab is crucial for multi-team multi-organization projects where it is important for project participants to familiarize themselves with people they collaborate with.

    You have access to standard Freedcamp filters, the ability to select people (1) and email them, or start tasks and discussions with them involved (2). You can also click on an avatar to see a person's contact information.


    The Report tab is which is pulled from Freedcamp's reports for that project using the project's earliest and latest start and end dates. For more info on our reports, please see this page.


    • project start/end dates and project managers - changes can be made by a project owner, project and project group administrators.
    • posting a project status update - everyone having access to Project Overview application except the Read-Only users, who can 'like' project status updates only.
    • project custom field values can only be edited by the account owner, project group administrators and project administrators.


    Currently, we do not have notifications for new project statuses, users get only emails about likes on their project status updates.