Moving a Project to Another Project Group

Table of Contents

    You can move projects from one project group to another with only a few clicks, as long as:

    a. You are the owner of both project groups

    b. You are a project group admin in both project groups, and they are owned by the same user

    Note: to check who the owner of a project group is, go to your Manage System page, select a project, then go to the Members section.

    To move projects between project groups with diffrent owners, please see the last section.

    There are two ways to change a project’s group in Freedcamp: from the Manage System page and from the Projects page.

    The Manage System page

    Click on your user icon in the top menu and select Manage System(1), then use the menu(2) on the left-side of the page to select your project.

    Click on the edit icon(3) to launch the edit form, go to the Project Group section(4) and choose a new project group, then scroll down and click on the Save button.

    The Projects page

    Access the Projects page by clicking on the second icon in the top menu(1). Find the project, click on its settings icon(2) and select Edit Project(3). The Edit form will pop-up and you’ll be able to select a new project group from the dropdown menu, just like on the Manage System page.

    Additional Details

    If you want to move a project from your project group to someone else’s, please email us at telling us the name of the new owner. We can only move project groups, not projects, so first create a new project group for the project.