Moving a project to another group

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    You can move projects from one project group to another with only a few clicks, as long as:

    a. You are the owner of both groups

    b. You are a group administrator in both project groups, and they are owned by the same user

    Note: to check who the owner of a project group is, go to the Manage System page 'Grpups & Projects' tab:

    To move projects between project groups with different owners, please see the last section.

    On any page where you can access the 'Edit' option for a project, you can change its group. The attached animation showcases - the dashboard, the projects board and the Manage System pages.

    Additional Details

    If you want to move a project from your project group to someone else’s, please email us at telling us the name of the new owner. We can only move project groups, not projects, so first create a new project group for the project.