Troubleshooting users’ access

Table of Contents

    User cannot join a project

    If a user cannot join a project for a reason, below are some steps that we provide you with to help you resolve this issue. To begin with, go to your 'Manage projects' page, select your required project and click on the 'manage apps and teams' button.

    Step 1: Resend the invite

    The steps are shown in the below GIF animated file:

    Step 2: Fix the email typos (if any)

    In case of any email typos, this step will help you to cancel a wrongly sent invite and resend same with the correct email ID. The below GIF animated file illustrates same:

    Step 3: Contact our Customer Support

    You can contact our Customer Support, provide us with all the required details and we shall do needful to help you to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

    In order to help you out, we would need the following information from you:

    1. The project name.
    2. The email ID of the invitee.


    • To click on ‘Done’ button when any changes have been made. This is very important since changes will not be saved if you do not click on the ‘Done’ button which is the last step to complete the process.
    • If the invite has been sent correctly, your team member will require to click here to ensure that they have accepted and joined the project.

    User joined a project but cannot see all or some parts of it

    Below are the 2 steps that we provide you with when you have a team member who has joined your project but cannot see all or some parts of it.

    Step 1: To access the ‘Manage Projects’ Page

    In order to navigate to the “Manage Projects” page, you can either follow prompt (1) OR execute prompts (2) and (3) to access the Manage Apps and Teams page as per below.

    Step 2: To check the team member's permissions

    Freedcamp by default provides you with 4 teams namely (i) Contributor, (ii) Observer, (iii) Organiser and (iv) Team Player.

    You can invite people and assign them to the different security profiles available (1). The security profiles define what permissions you have been granted and the 'Legend' link (2) outlines same in details. In addition, the icon next to a team (3) indicates what type of security profile each team has.

    On the left-hand side of the page, you can see Applications (4). Freedcamp allows you to enable or disable teams to have access to applications in a project. For example, the team Observer has access to Tasks only whereas the team Contributor has access to Files and Tasks only etc.

    Moreover, when you are sending your invite, Freedcamp also allows you to view more about the permissions (1) as per below:

    Actions need to be taken:

    • Check which security profile the team member has been assigned to.
    • Verify the permissions that the later has been granted.
    • Check whether the team in which the team member is, has access to the specific application(s).