Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

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    Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to the sign in process. It is available on Freedcamp Enterprise plan and all users invited into Enterprise projects can turn it on.

    How to use

    You will only be able to enable 2FA in your account after you confirmed your account email after sign up. 

    Go to "My Account" and select tab "2-Factor Authentication" (1), switch it on (2) and type your password (3).

    Follow the steps.

    Please make sure you saved emergency codes:

    This completes 2FA setup. You will also receive email confirming 2FA setup completion in your account.

    If your account is connected with one click login:

    you will be prompted to enter a verification code. Login process, in this case, will require to click Google icon on a login page and enter a verification code generated by an application you used to set up 2FA on your Freedcamp account.