Projects Board

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    Projects Board provides an overview of all your project groups and projects on one page. If you permissions allow - you can manage your projects by using cog wheel icon inside cards showing projects or simply enter project applications (Tasks, Discussions) from this page. Check here if you want to set Project Board as a default landing page when you login to Freedcamp.

    How To Customize - greetings, recent projects etc.

    Use cog wheel icon (1) to customize your Projects Board. For example, you can Hide greetings and quotes (2), hide Recent Project section which will show up as you add more projects or set to always show all projects in all project groups.

    Projects Board explained

    1 - Project group

    2 - If you have permissions you can edit or delete project group

    Note - project group deletion will also delete all the projects active and completed in this project group

    3 - Project name

    4 - Project settings where you can add people to project and see all the applications available for this project (Manage Project button)

    All aspects of project management are shown here. If you are just a project user you can leave a

    project via this menu

    5 - Quick access to project applications

    6/7 - Project group applications added to a project group.

    Group applications are NOT specific to each project but can be accessed throughout multiple projects in a group. For example, you might have 2 projects that need Passwords. You can put those 2 projects in a group called “Development”, and any data stored in the Passwords application will be accessible and shared between all 2 projects. Group Applications can also be accessed outside of projects

    On Projects Board you can access project (5) and project group applications (6,7)

    Add or Remove Projects as Favorites

    You can now add any of your projects to favorites. From your Projects Board, you will simply need to click on the "star" icon, just next to the cogwheel icon at the top of any project to add that particular project to favorites as shown on the screenshot below:

    You can quickly access your favorite projects from Home Page:

    Reorder Projects and Project Groups

    To reorder your projects and project groups, click the 3-dot button in the top-right of the page and select Reorder, then just drag and drop projects and project groups into your preferred order.

    note: This will only change the order for you, not for your project members. And it wil not move a project from one project group to another. If that's what you want to do, see this page.

    You can apply this order in the Projects section of the Homepage.

    Reordering projects and project groups can also be done form the project picker.