Contacting Customer Support

Table of Contents

    There are multiple ways to contact us:

    1. Clicking on the Get Support button, which is available on every page. This is the preferred option because we can see which page you're coming from, which is usually the page you have questions about or where the issue is occurring.

    New User Interface

    If page (1) clearly demonstrates a question or issue you have in Freedcamp, access (2) and the link to this page (3) with other valuable information will be auto-appended to your ticket. 

    Please do not go to the help page if you have a Freedcamp page-specific question. Even if you searched the help page and can not see the answer is suggested to go back to where the source of your issue or question is and use the above method to get help faster. It will save a lot of time for us too. 

    Old User Interface

    2. Clicking the support category on the Contact Us section of our Help Page.