Single sign on with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google

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    Freedcamp offers the ability to use single sign-on with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

    What is single sign-on?

    Single sign-on is a process that allows network users to access all authorized network resources without having to log in separately to each resource. Single sign-on allows us to validate usernames and passwords against one or more social networks you linked your Freedcamp account with.

    NOTE: The one-click login email doesn't have to be the same as the email of the Freedcamp account. It's possible to sign up with a email and set one-click login via Google which is associated with a email.

    It is important to mention that we do not post or read any data from your social network accounts. This simply allows us to use your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google account credentials to validate access to Freedcamp, and if you're logged into one of them - completely skip Freedcamp's authorization screen.

    Here's how you can set it up - navigate to "My account" (1), click the "One Click Login" tab (2) and link to one or more social networks that you're typically logged in on your computer (3).