How to add Users Without Email Addresses

Table of Contents

    Often times we have clients that do not log into Freedcamp, but we still manage the project within Freedcamp.

    We would like to be able to create users without email addresses. This would allow us to add a 'dummy' user to the system and assign tasks to them. We would then be able to export our tasks and provide status/project updates to our clients.

    1. You only need one fake GMail address for all clients. Let's say you created and used it to sign up to Freedcamp.

    2. You can invite your clients and type Bob Dylan Ozzy Osbourne

    3. You can assign tasks to these invited users even though there is no one to accepted your invites. You are able now to assign tasks to Bob Dylan and Ozzy Osbourne, who you want to be in the project but do not want them to be registered and using Freedcamp.

    4. Your client project team in all projects will follow the same notation for emails you use to invite them -