Backup your data

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    We are offering a way to back your data offline. For example, you can always access and restore data if someone accidentally deleted an important project, task or discussion. 

    Note: Backups we provide cannot be restored automatically but only are structured data you can access to reimport to Freedcamp via XLS import or by copy/pasting backup data back to Freedcamp.

    Backups contain all attached files (excluding GDrive/OneDrive/Dropbox files as they are not physically stored in Freedcamp) and the much-requested XLS files containing issues, tasks, time records, and milestones. You will find such files below each of your backed-up project folder. 

    All data entered to Freedcamp directly - tasks, comments, etc. are also in XML format – language similar to HTML you can open using your web browser but, most importantly, easily parse-able so you can write some code easily to import it into different systems. 

    In addition, you can find global XLS export files containing records from all of your projects for the same application making it easier for you and faster to run your daily, weekly or monthly reports. 

    The Business plan allows you to request 1 backup per week, while the Enterprise plan allows you to request 1 backup per day.

    Each generated backup will be available for download for 30 days. Please download your backups periodically.

    Settings and Backup Content

    If you are subscribed to the Business or Enterprise plans, you can access and generate backups In My Account > Backups.

    After requesting a backup, you won't be able to request another one for 1 day on the Enterprise plan, and for 1 week on the Business plan.

    Every time a backup is created you will receive an email notification. Backups will be available for 30 days.

    If you selected the "Browsable Page" as your preferred backup option, you'll be able to only download the files you need instead of the entire backup


    For feedback, you are also welcome to email directly to or post on our feedback portal.

    It does not matter which channel you choose, your feedback will be treated with our greatest attention.