Projects archiving and unarchiving

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    When a project is marked as completed it is archived in Freedcamp. Such a project will be visible to account owners and project group administrators from the Manage Projects page. If you want to keep some completed projects visible for your team as a reference you can:

    • rename projects adding, for example "[COMPLETED]", prefix to its name
    • create a project group called, for example "[COMPLETED]", and moving completed projects to it
    • do both 

    You can complete/archive projects:

    Click on the cog wheel icon (1) and select (2) as shown below:

    Open drop-down menu and select “Manage System” (2) as shown below:

    (2) Archived project names look dimmed italic style 

    Unarchiving and Accessing

    An account owner and project group administrators can access archived projects from Manage System page.

    When you select an archived project (1), a label 'archived' will be shown next to a project name (2). You can click a chevron (3) to see when a project was created and archived (4).

    You can unarchive a project using (5) or open it and work with it with (6).

    Hiding archived projects on Manage System page

    If you have a lot of archived projects they may be in your way even on the Manage System page. You can hide archived projects:

    If your archived projects are hidden a banner will be shown to remind you about it:

    Using archived projects

    As a template

    You can use archived projects to store your Project Templates.

    Create a project group called, for example "[TEMPLATES]". Add your project templates to it manually or copy existing projects to it by converting them to templates. While using Project Templates select destination project group "[Templates]", add the prefix "[TEMPLATE]" to a project name. For example, "[TEMPLATE] Business website from WordPress" and use these options to adjust assignments and archive after creation:

    With such approach project group will be visible on Manage Projects page only and will make it very convenient for an account owner and project group administrators to turn archived templates to projects as needed.

    To plan a new project

    You can use archived projects to prepare new projects 

    People invited to an archived project (both new users and existing team) will not receive any email notifications. Adding people in allows you to assign tasks and plan your project without 'spamming' your team with excessive email notifications. When a project is ready to be launched and unarchived - new users added will receive Freedcamp invitations and existing users will be notified that they are part of a new project which is started now.