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    This document is an extract from Freedcamp TOS located here Terms of Service (TOS) | Freedcamp

    Freedcamp Paid Plans

    Freedcamp now offers 5 unique pricing packages: Free, Minimalist, Freelancer, Busines, and Enterprise. Details on each specific account can be found here at All users are subject to Freedcamp’s Terms and Conditions as described below – this includes all Free and PRO users.


    Freedcamp’s Free plan is provided at zero cost to all Users but is limited in features and additional applications as compared to other paid plans.

    Paid Plans

    Paid plans are Freedcamp’s premium accounts. Pricing per plan can be found here Each level of Freedcamp’s paid plan includes additional applications and support as stated. Please note that Paid Plan Users will only have access to Applications and Modules included in Users’ specific plans which Users can add to as many projects and as many users as required. New features released, which were not included in the original Plan, will be provided free of charge to each paid plan as determined by Freedcamp. Paid Plans users will only be charged for Active Users.

    Active Users

    Active Users are defined as any users who have signed up or logged into Freedcamp and visited projects in your account at least once during the billing cycle. Performing activities such as opening Tasks Board or Notifications page will not be considered "Active Users."

    In addition, Freedcamp has included a 3 day grace period for new project members. If a User was added by mistake and that is considered an "Active User" - project owners can still remove such User from the account and such User will not be counted as Active User for that billing cycle.

    Also, Users who have Read-Only or Guest profile assigned during the billing cycle will not be considered an Active User. Invited users, who never signup, will also not be counted as Active Users.

    Billing Structure

    Monthly Plan

    Example of Monthly Paid Plan Billing:

    A User subscribes to Business Plan on 15th Sep. Freedcamp detects how many active users a User has now. For example 10 users. A User is charged $8.99*10=$89.90. Between 15 Sep and 15th Oct a User had only 5 active users. On 15th Oct we add credit $8.99*5=$44.95. Freedcamp charges you for next billing cycle for 5 users which is $8.99*5=$44.95. Freedcamp uses the available credit of $44.95 and as a result, a User will not be charged. For example, next month User has 15 active users. On 15 Nov we calculate a charge for 15 Oct - 15 Nov period and charge a User for 10 extra active users $8.99*10=$89.90 and Freedcamp will charge a User for 15 active users for a period from 15 Nov - 15 Dec $8.99*15=$134.85. The total charge on 15 Nov will be $89.90+$134.85=$224.75.  

    Changes to Paid Plan:

    Upgrades to current plans including Plan upgrade or User increase will result in additional charges. Any plan upgrade will increase User billing to the appropriate price level on the next billing cycle. A charge for the current billing month will be prorated. Please see below for examples:

    1. Plan Upgrade Example

    A user has been a Free User for the past 2 months and now have decided to sign up for a new Business Account. User signs up a new Business Account with Nov 1st. Freedcamp will review how many users were Active in the past month prior to signing up for a Paid Plan and Users will be charged accordingly on Nov 1st.

    2. Plan Downgrade Example

    A user is currently on Business Account with 10 Active users. User’s billing cycle is the 1st of every month. If a User decides to cancel mid-month and move down to Free, User will receive a credit, prorated for the current billing cycle and Active Users that was charged at beginning of the month.

    Yearly Plan

    Example of Yearly Paid Plan Billing:

    A user subscribes to the Yearly Business Plan on January 15th will be charged initially $7.49*12 = $89.88 for 1 Active User.

    A user who subscribes to the Yearly Business Plan on January 15th with 2 Active Users will be charged $7.49*2*12=$179.76.

    Any additional users added during the next 12 months will be charged at yearly/user price as seen on our Pricing page.

    Changes in Active Users

    Any increase in Active Users in addition to the original Yearly amount will be billed based on (i) additional user amount per that plan and (ii) number of remaining months. For example, if a customer purchased 5 Users Yearly Business Plan on Jan 15th, the initial charge will be $7.49*5*12=$449.40. If by March 11th, Freedcamp detects that there are now 6 Active Users, a customer will be notified via email of the extra user with the option of either removing that additional user or changing to Read-Only or Guest access. If, on March 15th, and the number of Active Users still remains at 6, the customer will now be charged an additional $7.49*11=$82.39.

    Decreases in Active Users will not result in credits or refund. Total seats purchased at the beginning of Yearly Subscription is the considered the Maximum allowed seat per that agreement without incurring additional charges. Adding additional users will result in a price increase and an increase of your maximum allowed seats.

    One month before yearly subscription renewal we will send you an email with a reminder that subscription will be renewed automatically if not canceled by you. We will also note if you pay for more sets than your team is using, offering to contact to reset your yearly plan to a lower number of seats.


    If you select a Paid Plan, you must provide your current and accurate billing data. A valid Credit Card and Billing information are required to complete the purchase. All payments will be charged in US Dollars. By subscribing to the Monthly Subscription, Users are authorizing Freedcamp to charge their Credit Card during Users’ billing cycle. Paid Plan users will be charged based on the plan pricing and number of Active Users during that month as explained above. A user can update their billing information under their Freedcamp Account or visit to update Credit Card information. User agrees that failure to update billing information will result in continuing to charge the payment method on file. If the Credit Card on file has failed, Freedcamp will notify Users via email. If there continues to be no communication, Freedcamp will continue emailing in 3 days, in 5 days and again in 7 days. If there continues to be no response, Freedcamp will cancel the subscription.

    Refund Policy

    Freedcamp will not offer a full refund unless major problems and bugs exist within our system and are not fixed in a timely manner. It is Users` responsibility to inform Freedcamp of any errors. A user may submit a request for refund by stating out the appropriate grounds for a refund. Freedcamp will consider each individual refund request but is not obligated to grant User(s) a refund just based on the submission of a request. Active user billing may result in credits being added to your account. These credits are also not refundable but they are not expirable and will be used by Freedcamp for any further subscriptions in your account

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