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    Tired of forgetting your login information or submitting a password reset form? Still sharing passwords with your team via email and Skype hoping it will not be compromised? Remembering login credentials is a thing of the past. Manage all your account passwords from a secure and centralized location.

    Passwords application allows you to save an unlimited number of security credentials for your most important applications and services.

    Advanced privacy settings allow you to keep this information strictly to yourself or enable sharing for users within your project group.

    Passwords application is completely secure with 256-bit SSL encryption. Never lose track of another account, and never have your credentials compromised.

    Passwords application provides an additional and enhanced level of security with an optional master password. Passwords are encrypted in your browser with the master password only you know. We never have your unencrypted data if you use the master password. Even if our servers were hacked your passwords would be safe.

    Features include:

    • Customized password sharing options - share passwords via individual level!
    • Store username, passwords, and login links.
    • Standard protection - passwords encrypted and decrypted on our secure servers and passed to your browser via secure https connection
    • Advanced optional and free protection with Host-Proof Hosting

    Freedcamp’s Passwords app is a Project Group Application. We will explain this concept in the below section. 

    This application is a free add-on which is available in our Add-ons.


    The installation process of our Passwords app is quite simple. You simply need to go to the Add-ons and select Passwords (1):

    And add it to your project (1):

    To complete the installation process, please follow below prompts:

    (1) You can select all your project groups together with its respective projects and the users invited into same.

    (2) You can uncheck all.

    (3) Select only the projects that you require.

    (4) Select users who will have access to the Passwords application.

    (5) We show all users invited to projects in a project group. You can install to new project groups with no users invited yet or used only by you.

    (6) Once all done – click on the “Save changes” button.

    NOTE: You always have access to Passwords so your name is not listed.

    You can also manage Passwords app as any other project group application from Manage System page (1)

    Select a project group (2), open Group Applications (3), enable or disable Passwords application (4), add users (5) or drag and drop project group users (users invited to at least one project in a project group and group administrators of that group) - (6).

    Project Group applications explained

    Password Manager is a project group application but what are Project Groups?

    1. Project Groups allow grouping related projects together.

    2. On your Manage Projects page, you can create Project Group Administrators - your team members who you trust to create new projects and manage users in your project group(s) - so you do not need to do it all yourself.

    3. Install group applications.

    If you have 3 projects in one project group and you add Password Manager you can go to Manage Projects page and allow some or all users in these 3 projects to access Password manager application. 

    You can individually select who can access this app. Inside Password Manager (when you create a new password) select from a list of these users to allow per password access.


    All users having access to Passwords application have the same permission. The exception is a project group owner who is added implicitly to access each password in the application. Users can see only passwords they added or passwords which were added by other user and shared with them. If user A added a password X and shared it with users B and C - only users A, B, C and the project group owner T can see that password entry.

    How to access Password Manager

    You can access Passwords directly from Projects Board or from a project picker:

    If you have selected a specific project, you will see the Passwords app (2) alongside with your other applications that you have enabled for a project group this project belongs (1):

    Grouping passwords

    You can create multiple groups to keep related passwords together.

    - Select the cogwheel icon (1) and click onto "Manage Password Groups” (2).

    - Click on the “Add Group” button (3) to add a new Password Group.

    - Change groups order by dragging them (4).

    - Use the edit and delete icons (5) and (6) respectively to edit and delete your Password group.


    • We give you an additional warning when you are about to delete a password group containing passwords since all passwords in it will be also deleted.

    Managing passwords

    To add a new entry, use the button 'Add new' (1) in Passwords. If you want to change the Password Group, you can select a different password group (2). You can also optionally use the master password security level (3) - check Host-Proof Hosting section on this page.

    Every entry's password displayed on the dashboard will be hidden for security purposes. To reveal the password, you need to click on the link named show under the column Password. For passwords secured with the master password, you will additionally need to enter it to see a password.

    Drag and Drop

    Freedcamp allows you to drag and drop passwords within and between your groups. You can also collapse your password groups, more details are illustrated as per below animated GIF file

    Host-Proof Security - Master Password

    The application now supports in-browser encryption and decryption of your passwords with the Master Password. This feature is used by most commercial online password managers.  Check our blog for more details and hands-on instructions. 

    I forgot the Master Password

    If the Master Password is lost passwords cannot be recovered. Please note that a user having access to a password can delete it and the Master Password is not required to be entered for this operation.

    Extra Options

    Extra options are available under cogwheel icon on the top right side:

    How to uninstall Passwords 

    You can remove Passwords from more than one project group at once from Add-ons page or you can use the Manage System page to remove Passwords from a project group.