Explained: Invoices

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    Invoices Help

    How to install Invoices:

    • Go to Add-ons
    • Click on the App labeled Invoices
    • Click on install

    Note that Invoices are added to individual projects.

    How to install Invoices on an individual project:

    If you are starting a new project

    • Click on Create Project if on the Main Dash board or Add Project if on manage projects
    • Follow the instructions on the lightbox until the lightbox named Applications appears
    • Locate Invoices and click on the green “Install Button”
    • Choose the privileges you want to hold on Invoices (User, Admin, or Client)
    • Click on next when done installing
    • Continue creating the project

    If you want to install on a pre-existing project:

    • Click on Manage Projects
    • On the project you want to install Invoices click on manage Applications
    • Find Invoices and click on install
    • Choose the privileges you want to hold on the App (User, Admin, or Client)
    • Click on Save to save your changes

    Using Invoices

    To view, create, or edit the invoices in a particular project bring up that project's dashboard and click on the invoices tab.

    How to create a new Invoice:

    • Enter into the projcet you want to create an invoice in
    • Click on the Invoice tab to enter into the Invoice dashboard
    • If you want to change the currency that you are billing in you can change it by clicking Settings and choosing the denomination (Currently Supported: USD, Euros, British Pounds, and Japanese Yen)
    • Click on Create Invoice to start a new invoice entry
    • A light box will appear asking to fill out the following information:


    Note: If you do not label the information labeled required your Invoice entry will not be created
    - The preview total will be displayed below the Task sections - If you do not want this to be sent to your client at that moment check the box marked just save otherwise leave this box unchecked. - Click on save to finish the Invoice.

    If you choose save the invoice you will be able to send it at a later date. When you send the Invoice an email containing an invoice similar to the one below.


    In addition to this you can view, edit or delete the Invoice by choosing the option on the Invoice Dashboard. Viewing will show a detailed overview of the invoice. You can add a comment, edit, or delete the invoice entry. Clicking on edit will allow you to edit the information in the entry. Clicking on delete will remove the entry.