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    We all have busy lives, whether you need to create lists to organize your shopping or your work tasks, Tasky can help you stay organized. With Tasky you can create lists with due dates and sort them any way you like.

    Tasky is not associated with any project and is only visible to you personally. Tasky is a 'personal application'.

    The idea is that instead of having to create specific projects for simple every day tasks you can easily maintain one list with general reminders for yourself.

    Features includes:

    • Task List
    • List Sorting
    • Due Dates
    • Upcoming Tasks List
    • Widget

    Organize and manage your personal tasks with Tasky!

    How to install Tasky

    Go to Marketplace (1) and click Tasky (2)

    Click on Install (3) to add the Tasky Application

    Tasky tab will be visible to you (4) anywhere in Freedcamp.

    Using Tasky

    Upcoming tasks will be displayed on the right hand side. Each task will be sorted into one of three categories: Due Tomorrow, This Week, or Later

    Details of the event will be displayed on the main board.

    How to create Tasky widget 

    You can add a Tasky widget to Widgets page.

    • Click on Create Widget (1)
    • In the lightbox click on the pull down menu and choose Tasky (2)
    • A new lightbox will appear
    • Fill out the information that you want to be display in your Tasky Widget  (3) including:

    If you want completed tasks to be displayed
    How you want your tasks to be sorted
    How many you want displayed at a time
    The title of the Tasky Widget

    • Click on 'Create Widget' to save the Widget


    How to uninstall Tasky

    Go to Marketplace (1) and click Tasky (2)

    Click on Uninstall (3) to remove the Tasky Application