Wall (Chat) application

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    The Wall is a Project Group Application and allows for instant communication between every user within your project group. Comments are instantly updated and can be made private to specific users in your project group.

    Because the Wall is a project group application it will be transparent to everyone. This means that everyone within the group regardless of which project they are a part of will be able to see one another.

    Accessing Wall application

    You can access Wall from a drop down menu by hovering a mouse over project group (1) and selecting Wall application (2) or from inside a project - project group applications tabs are shown after project applications (3).

    Managing users access

    Project Owners can manage users access on Add-ons page.

    - Go to Add-ons

    - Select Wall application

    - Click 'Add/remove' button:

    - Use quick enable/disable access for all users (1) 

    - Select or unselect project groups to disable/enable Wall application (2)

    - Select users who should have access to Wall application (3)

    - Save your changes (4)

    Project Group administrators can manage Users Access from Manage Projects page.  

    - Go to Manage Projects page

    - Click 'Project Group Apps' button (1)

    - You can enable access (3) or uninstall Wall from this project group (2)

    - Save when all is done (4)

    Adding/Removing Wall from project groups

    See previous section.


    To be subscribed to wall comments and receive notifications you need to be mentioned in the status with "@". 

    Private conversations

    If you add a comment and you don't make it private, it will be seen by all users in your Project Group, having access to Wall application.

    Private conversations are visible only to people selected. Project owner or administrators, if not included, will not be able to see them.

    To create a private conversation click on the link below the comment box that says Everyone. From here you can click on the checkbox next to the names that you want to share this post with.