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    Did you ever accidentally delete a task only to have to manually recreate it? That won't be a problem anymore. Each project now has its own Bin page, where tasks stay for 30 days after deletion.

    The bin page can be accessed by all project members, but tasks can only be restored by those with permission levels above Guest or Read-Only.

    Not everything can be restored. Data like which task list the task belonged to, tags (including for comments), GSync, linked milestones, dependencies, recurrence, followers and unread notifications will be lost.

    Everything else stays: title, assignee, progress status, start and due dates, files, comments(including attachments), and custom field values.

    How to Access

    To access a project's bin, go to the Tasks page then click the settings icon and select View: Deleted.

    Restoring Tasks

    To restore a task, simply click the 3-dot button next to its name, select Copy/Move, then select the project and task list you want to add it to.

    Clicking the 3-dot icon on the task list(Bin) will allow you to:

    a. Restore all tasks in the Bin by copying them to a project,

    b. Delete all tasks in the bin.

    By default. the Copy/Move function for the Bin task list will copy all deleted tasks to a new task in a project of your choosing, but you can also copy/move to an existing task list by clicking on More options(1), then on Copy/Move into existing task list(2).