Table of Contents

    Our homepage is comprised of four sections: Important Updates, My Work, Projects and Weekly Summary. The 3 sections at the top can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.

    Clicking the settings icon in the top-right of the page allows you to:

    - Reorder your project groups and projects
    - Manage Global Teams
    - Hide the Greetings and Quotes

    If the default homepage isn't giving you the information you need, you can change it to the Projects Board, Tasks Board, Calendar Board, Widgets Board and Notifications. More info here.

    Note: A redesign of the homepage is coming later this year.

    Important Updates

    1. This section shows you a summary of your notifications: items assigned to you, mentions, and activity in items you created.

    2. Clicking the Notifications text at the bottom of the updates section, or the notifications icon in the top-menu, will take you to the Notifications page, which shows you a detailed view of your updates.

    My Work

    3. My Work shows you a summary of Tasks, Events, Milestones, Issues, CRM tasks and calls that have been assigned to you. Clicking the Full Recap text will take you to the Recap Page.

    4. Change the progress of your items directly from here.

    5. You can see how many items are assigned to you across each category.

    6. Use the (+) icon to add items without going to the page of that particular add-on.


    7. Access the full Projects Board by clicking the text at the bottom of the section.

    8. Click the star next to a project's name to favorite it.

    9. There are different order options: Favorites, Recent, Custom Order, Alphabetical.

    Weekly Overview

    10. 'Weekly overview' is a summary of your calendar for the week. You can click the text at the bottom of the section to see the Calendar Board.

    11. By default, it shows items assigned to everybody in your projects, but it can also be set to only show items assigned to you.